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lc-classLifeCubby is a classroom documentation program for early childhood programs and provides real time communication solutions between the child’s school and the parents that they serve. LifeCubby is available as an app download on all devices, and can be viewed with a computer log-in.

Amplify Children’s Academy is proud to offer LifeCubby to all of our parents at no extra charge.  Please read below to learn more about this program (or click the icon below to go to the LifeCubby site).

A few of the reasons that we are so excited to use this novel program, include:

1.  Parents will receive immediate feedback from Amplifiers (teachers) during the day.  You can use the free app to see every time your child goes outside to play, takes a nap, or eats a snack… as it is happening!

2.  Photos and videos recorded by Amplifiers (teachers) are not only viewable real-time, but are also stored so that parents can view them for years to come.  Milestones and memories are also recorded and saved, making it the perfect scrapbook!

3.  Assessments and reports are stored so that you can easily see your child’s progress.  Research has shown this to be one of the best means of developmental tracking!

Teachers use the LifeCubby classroom for quick and accurate classroom documentation and observations. Some features for our Amplifiers include: Providing documentation for parents, assessments, developmental tracking, lesson planning, goal setting, journaling with photos & video, daily sheets (including meals, naps, diaper changes, etc.), and live messaging. Parents can also use LifeCubby “biography” to record: a child’s early milestones (first crawl, first steps, first words, etc.), growth charts, immunization records, scans of completed artwork, certificates, and much more!