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Why Amplify?

There is a vast difference between daycare and a children’s academy. Daycare is the supervision of and care for children; meeting minimal basic needs. A school designed for young children involves not only keeping them safe, but enveloping them in love and a high-quality learning environment. It is well-established that the human brain makes exponentially more synapses from ages 0 to 5 than during any other period. This time is critical to encourage exploration, play, relationships with peers and adults, and confidence-building to establish the intrinsic interest to be a life-long learner. Amplify provides a specifically-built facility, specialized instruction, and uncommon conveniences. As a busy family with young children, we know that a little extra on our side means a little more time and a little less stress on your side.

At Amplify, we are striving to achieve the perfect balance to maximize our potential of supporting the “early years are learning years”–learning, fun, and care with superior quality. We have compiled years of child-development and early childhood education research, and countless hours of thought and experience to enhance every detail of education at Amplify. Here is a short introduction to some of the unique and fun ways that we believe help answer the question, “Why Amplify?”

  1. Safety: Amplify parents can rest assured knowing their children are in a brand-new, highly secure building in a safe Cheat Lake neighborhood. The children will have educated and certified Amplifiers (teachers) on site, and medical and dental offices are only footsteps away.
  2. Family Inspired: Amplify is founded by three families with young children who sought out high-quality and creative play opportunities in bigger cities, and wanted it to be available in Morgantown. The founder, with a doctoral degree in early childhood education, dreamed of this for her children…so it was created big enough for yours too!
  3. Amenities: Amplify offers unique amenities and conveniences like a studio for project-based learning, school-provided crib and cot sheets & baby food puree and healthy meals served up by our Amplify chef.
  4. Learning Environment: Amplifiers utilize hand-crafted toys and furnishings to help create a Reggio-inspired atmosphere that allows children to guide their own learning interests, and to focus on the process not the product.
  5. Atmosphere: Amplify is housed in a state-of-the-art facility with a home-like environment. Children will be treated to tableware, natural flooring, and even mixed-age groupings that enhance leadership qualities.
  6. Outdoor Learning: Amplify has unique outdoor play facilities with an infant play terrace, three age-appropriate playgrounds, and even a glass garage door to “bring the outside in.”
  7. Kindergarten: Amplify kindergarteners will get individualized and applied education through learning opportunities that they direct. They will continue to learn and explore until they begin first grade, alleviating parents’ stress of finding care for traditional school holidays, un-scheduled closures and summer break.
  8. Before/After School: Amplify School Age is a place that offers before and after school care for Eastwood and Cheat Lake.  (You can pre-enroll for this program now through the “Enrollment” Page.)
  9. Summer Camps: Amplify School Age offers theme-based summer camps where each new week introduces the children to an exciting new topic with corresponding trips and projects.
  10. No School Days: Amplify School Age relieves the stress of snow days, early dismissals, two-hour delays, and scheduled no school days.