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Saplings & Branches

Preschoolers like to question why and have the language skills to make inquiries about their world and understandings. They also begin to recognize that their words have influence and can embellish. They think concretely and literally, enjoy thorough explanations, and like to participate in decisions; through these stages their feelings of control and independence are empowered and they gain a more accurate interpretation of the world around them. Maturation of their imagination and artistic thinking/abilities, coupled with their utilization of cause and effect, allows Amplifiers to really dive into the child-directed and project-based curriculum in this classroom. Preschoolers are supported in their growing desire to be curious, creative, and develop character in a dynamic manner during their years in preschool at Amplify.

A day in the life—in the Amplify Children’s Academy



Good morning!
Wash hands
Child originated play & work

Breakfast (8-8:30)

Morning meeting

Revisit understandings
Discuss issues
Solve problems
Extend comprehension
Plan the day
Dialogue about projects

Mind & body connection

Outdoor play, work, observations and discovery

Project work

Centers (reading, dramatic play, writing, studio work, math, science, world around them, outdoor connections)
Child originated work based upon project study

Individual, small and large groups
Child-initiated, teacher supported learning. One-on-one time observing, documenting and guiding children’s individual goals.

Lunch (11:30-12)

Self-sufficiency and healthy nutrition are promoted through self-serve, family-style meals and snacks. Initiative and caring for others is also cultivated as children help to prepare the tables for eating and assist each other with hand washing. Conversations and the sense of community is developed as children and teachers eat together.

Afternoon reading & naps

During this time, the lights are dimmed, quiet music plays, and children are invited to rest or sleep on their own cots. Older children who have outgrown nap participate in quiet activities with their peers and teachers such as story time, quiet studio work, writing, and puzzles.

Snack (2:30-3)

Afternoon meeting & reflections
Mind & body connection
Project work continued


Child originated play & work
Have a great evening!

Example of how Reggio will inspire my learning during these years…

My school is near the airport and I see and hear airplanes daily. I say “look, an airplane” and you are tempted to say “yep, there it is” and continue on. My little mind is still questioning…how do they drive that thing? What happens when I use the potty in the air? How do they not hit any birds? What’s the biggest airplane in the whole entire world? Can I be a pilot someday?

My Amplifiers will:

  • Get us a camera so that we can take pictures
  • Guide us in considering how to represent things in motion
  • Invite a pilot to visit our class
  • Watch videos to make us feel like we are in the cockpit
  • Allow us to use instruments to mimic the sounds of an airplane
  • Read us lots of books
  • Set up our dramatic play area so that we can be pilots
  • Make us clay so that we can probe our ability to sculpt 3-D objects
  • Give us words to write that we’ve never heard of before: altitude, accelerate, gravity, empennage
  • Put the globe at a level where we can reach and explore it
  • Have races to see if we can run as fast as an airplane flies
  • Compare an airplane to other things that fly…a helium filled balloon, leaves in the wind, a bird. Wait, birds are super mesmerizing. Hey, why are male cardinals red and females brown? What color are they when they are born? Do all birds fly?…

This is how we will move onto a new project. My Amplifiers will listen, ask, guide, document, research, build…whatever it takes and wherever it goes. In our morning meetings we will revisit understandings and make continual connections. A friend will bring up that we never found out what happens when you use the potty in the sky. Oh boy, this has our full attention…

I will utilize all areas of my development and curriculum until I am certain that I know more than you, and then shift my interest to the next novel thing that I discover. My Amplifiers will document our work, link it to my developmental observations, and use each of my achievements to influence the goals for our classroom and for me. We want you to fully understand my happenings and enjoy my ideas and growth regularly. These documentations will be visible in the classroom and virtually in LifeCubby.