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girl-painting2Amplify utilizes mixed-aging —grouping children in which the children’s age range is larger than a year. In a mixed-age classroom, children stay with the same teachers and friends for an extended period of time. It represents:

  • The values of the Reggio approach of learning from peers
  • A more natural relationship model
  • The ability to optimize the educational potential of all learners

Mixed-aging promotes a more peaceful classroom environment and allows:

  • More intimate relationships between the child, peers, and the teacher
  • A classroom family; it mimics a family with children of multiple ages so everyone gets what they need when they need it
  • Younger children to be motivated by and model their older peers
  • Older friends to take on leadership and mentoring roles
  • The confidence of all children to be enriched by the interdependent relationships
  • Better teacher-to-student ratios than traditional groupings

To research more about the benefits of employing mixed-age groupings in a classroom setting, visit the following resources: