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2014 – Ground breaking

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Amplify is owned and founded by three Morgantown families.  Together, we call ourselves the MMS “family” because Jeff, Kent, and Spencer are in business together and own MMS Endodontics.  Our three families are the Minchaus [Jeff, Beth, Owen, Ryan & Sara]; the McBrides [Kent, Sarah, Cole, Cooper & Hudson]; and the Stiles [Spencer, Bethanie, Henley, Challen, Briston & Cayman].

When one person has a dream, a family supports them so much that they are willing to invest in all aspects of the process with them. Throughout our vacations, family nights, business meetings, and chaos of raising our families we have had many conversations about what would make life easier for young families and provide a perfect childhood for little ones in our community. Six adults with six kids have prayerfully chosen this endeavor to share life with your family. Now, we are so excited to also call ourselves the Amplify family.