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Our Vision

girl-outsideAmplify has been a discovery that sometimes a vision is harbored until God’s timing is just right. Shortly after their first son was born, Bethanie and Spencer had their first conversations and began the research about starting a unique children’s program in Morgantown. Excitement and trepidation set off an overwhelming wave of emotions when the opportunity arose to dream and design this school. When hesitation and doubt crept in, the answers and affirmation were provided.

The financial burden to purchase the land and build the school was lessened by the illimitable support of Kevin Turner (developer of Coombs Farm) and the MMS (Amplify) family. The administrative burden was resolved when Bethanie’s first two choices, both amazing and highly-qualified friends [Kim and Tiff], immediately said “yes” without hesitation. The design burden was answered by Dale Heaster, the extraordinary senior gentleman that impressed us all by drawing elaborate blueprints by hand. The confidence burden disappeared when Bethanie consulted with her mentor and doctoral advisor, Dr. Joy Faini-Saab, who gave reassurance about her ability, as well as investing in high quality early childhood experiences with a Reggio-inspired approach. The how burden was eased by Uncle Larry and Scott, who took the time and love to build materials that cannot be bought. The why burden was lessened by watching our own kids, knowing that we had been given an opportunity to build something remarkable for them and their friends.

It is easy to give recognition to the people that we can hug and say “thanks for making this possible.” Amplify was built by us, but not designed by us. That is one of the reasons why we are excited to open the doors of Amplify to you and your children. It will provide the environment where you want them to spend their time, the approach to learning that you will learn from yourself, a staff that will give endless smiles, wiping of tears, and hugs—in a little building on a piece of land bestowed by God.